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  • AvidX is comprehensive LED screen and digital signage solutions provider.

    AvidX specializes in the design, engineering, supply and installation of LED VIDEO systems for:
    Entertainment, Sport, Advertising, Information

    Our products are exported to Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Brazil and many other countries around the world.

    Base on mutual benefit we are looking forward to cooperate with Music and event organizing company, Advertising agencies and TV channels, Marketing and advertising experts, Architects and designers, Building owners and developers, Internet resources and social networks, Investors and sponsors.

    R&D Department

    AvidX product is developed by the led display Expert and most skillful staff. Our engineer will evaluate your project requirement and recommend the suitable product, while taking into account all your technical and budgetary constraints.
    We specially focus on the creative product for Entertainment; cooperate with professional company to develop creative led display to fulfill typical advertising market.

    Eager to remain on the top of innovation and evolution, we are continuously in search of improvements and new ideas for our products and for their implementation.


    Raw material selection
    Led is ordered according to the specific wavelength to get even brightness luminosity and color combination. Use high quality electronic parts to maximize the display function.

    Production is completed automatically by machine. Display will be full tested before packed for shipping.



    We guarantee all our displays, modules, parts for TWO years. During this time, we will replace or amend all our goods     for free if there is something wrong with them. We provide technology training for free, which contains the operation and maintenance training of the LED screens. We also provide the operation manual, software, test report and so on. Any associated CAD drawing on how to fix up the display. And some other expert suggestion will be provided.                                            


    AvidX support package adds the availability of a pre-determined set of spare parts at your premises, allowing you to repair your installation in the quickest time frame as a first line of action in addition to defective parts replacement.       


    All of our systems are fully tested before their delivery and are conditioned in flight cases or ply wooden cage. We will arrange the shipment if necessary.